Are you looking for help for yourself or someone you care about who…

  • has been diagnosed with cancer?

  • is facing the end of life?

  • has lost a loved one?

Maybe you or someone close is struggling with cancer.  Maybe you have made it through surgery, radiation or chemotherapy and you are having trouble adjusting to the “new normal.”  Maybe you have fears and questions about what the future holds.  Maybe you are feeling uncertain and need help making some important decisions.

Maybe your cancer has recurred and you are anxious, depressed, or losing hope. Maybe you are facing the end of life. Maybe you are a caregiver for someone who is receiving palliative care.

Maybe you are trying to face losing someone you love, or perhaps you have already suffered the loss. You are grieving and finding it difficult to cope.

Maybe you’ve tried self-help books, tried your usual positive strategies, or worn out your friends talking about it. Maybe the usual fixes haven’t worked this time. Maybe someone has already suggested it:  Maybe you need therapy.

This site may help clarify what you need and offer you a course of action for getting help.

Why see a Psychologist?

You want the best help you can get for yourself or for someone you care about. It is wise to check the credentials of anyone calling themselves a “therapist” or “psychotherapist.” What is their training?  Are they regulated health professionals? How long have they been practising, and how much experience do they have with your type of problems?

Before they can be licensed to practise by the College of Psychologists of New Brunswick,  Clinical Psychologists must have advanced, graduate training in Psychology from an accredited university, plus extensive supervised clinical experience.  No other profession has as much education about behaviour and the mind as a Psychologist does. As regulated health professionals, Psychologists are fully accountable for their professional and ethical conduct. They are obligated to practise to the highest of standards, at a level not demanded by therapists from other backgrounds or disciplines.

Dr. Brian Doan is a licensed Fredericton Psychologist with over 35 years of experience assessing and treating adults with psychological problems.